We have the solution to all your linguistic needs

A Full Range of Language Services

With a wide array of language services, we can ensure that each solution is tailor-made every time you work with us. Each request receives the same attention and care regardless of its size or complexity.  
Our extensive experience enables us to provide:

  • High-volume translations
  • Small projects with quick turn-around times
  • Steady streams of content
  • Translation of highly specialised subjects
  • Insights, answers and implementation of unique projects

And much more.

We have the solution  to all your linguistic needs
Each project starts with an analysis of your requirements and objectives so we can design the custom solutions, properly selected from our main services:
Project management
Proofreading and revision
Desktop publishing
SEO translation

Project management: the cornerstone of success

Our project managers are the beating heart of our work, each one dedicated to providing your business with excellence and skilled in understanding, meeting and anticipating your needs and expectations. From first contact to delivery and beyond, these professionals are on the front lines, crafting a timeline and budget that works for you, and coordinating with the linguists involved in your project to ensure the consistency of your message. Trained to optimise efficiency and able to look at projects from a wider perspective, our project managers ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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Translation: a multistep process

Translation usually involves not only one but a few language experts. The commonly accepted understanding of translation in the language industry involves a translator and proofreader working in tandem to ensure the accuracy and fluency of the final document. However, since there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to quality, we are always able to design the workflow according to your specific needs by adding an extra quality check or glossary creation step to ensure the premium quality of your project, or providing just one-step translation for texts you want to translate only for internal needs.
Whatever the workflow, we guarantee that your translation is handled by professionals who specialise in your particular sector and are familiar with the specific terminology.

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Localization: one step beyond translation

While translation involves transposing a text from one language to another, localization requires adapting content such as apps, websites, software, marketing or technical material to the specific characteristics of the target country. If your company plans to enter a new market, localization is the way to go, since consumers respond to and engage more effectively with product information written in their native language. 
Above and beyond communicating your message in another language, localization takes into account your target market peculiarities in terms of, e.g. units of measurement or currencies, names, locations, regulatory notes, etc.

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Proofreading and revision: a touch of style

Proofreading and revision services are useful, among other situations, when you want to:

  • publish new content created in your own language
  • ensure your translation of a document is accurate
  • draft product information in a foreign language.

Experienced proofreaders are skilled at identifying and fixing mistakes and awkward phrasing as well as rewriting and polishing a text to help your message shine.

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Desktop publishing: content formatting

Whatever the file format of your original document, we can handle it and deliver the translated document in the same layout.
This is possible thanks to cutting-edge translation automation programs, which enable us to deal with different file formats, and graphic designers who have mastered various formatting tools and know how to adjust the layout to the unique features of a given language (text length, fonts, etc.). 

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SEO translation: boost your website’s search engine results

Multilingual SEO (search-engine optimisation) know-how and expertise, along with knowledge of local preferences and the specificities of the target language and region, ensures that your website comes out on top in search engines rankings. Our services in this field bring your products and services to your clients, wherever they may be.
Our SEO translators have deep knowledge of website meta element adaptation: keyword translation based on research, meta description adaptation, etc.

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Interpreting: professional communication assistance

Interpreting is a service enabling oral or sign communication between people in different languages. It is typically needed for events such as conferences, business meetings, workshops, etc.
We offer simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting services provided by skilled and experienced interpreters. The main task of the interpreter is to transmit a spoken message into another language in a way that retains its original meaning and intent. Interpreters should be proficient in both languages, have the analytical ability to convey content into the target language efficiently and adhere to relevant ethics and standards.

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What our clients have to say

“Having worked with Diskusija more than 8 years (since 2012), we value the professionalism, competence and quality of translations into various languages that they provide. Communication is always fast, kind and professional, too. We are happy to work with Diskusija.”

Raimundas Skurdenis

JUNG Vilnius

What our clients have to say

“We value the professionalism demonstrated by Diskusija over the course of our partnership, which has lasted since 2012. We can rely on Diskusija’s translation quality and commitment to deadlines – these are very important factors for us. Their linguists are highly professional and accurate.”

Asta Tomaševičienė

Brand Development Manager
Nestle Baltics

What our clients have to say

“We are a Baltic organisation, and timely, precise and consistent communication across borders is vital for us. We are happy to have DISKUSIJA, a trustworthy partner that helps us to build valuable content that is used throughout the Baltics. Every company has a language and voice which differentiate it. The professionals at DISKUSIJA put a great deal of effort into understanding and properly using our language while translating the texts. Additionally, we are happy with their project management skills and quality – our orders are managed very efficiently and the translations arrive on time.”

Jovita Aukštuolytė Minderienė

Head of Communication Baltics
Gjensidige ADB

What our clients have to say

“We are lucky to have such an experienced translation partner at our side. It is simple to leave our marketing materials in their hands, knowing the job will be delivered in a timely and professional manner. Our relationship has always been friendly, communicative and open, and we look forward to continual cooperation for many years to come.”

Ilze Buldere

General Manager
Filuet Baltica Ltd. / official representative of Herbalife Nutrition in Baltic States

What our clients have to say

“Since August 2002, Diskusija has been regularly providing translation services for B. Braun medical.
What we value most is their professional approach and competence in translating medical and medical equipment texts. Our cooperation, based on a relationship of trust, saves us a great deal of time and effort.”

Kęstutis Liauba

B.Braun medical UAB

What our clients have to say

“We have cooperated productively and successfully with Diskusija for a long time. This is a reliable company that takes care of its clients, from the friendly communication of its team to timely deliveries and consistent support. It is a pleasure to work with the Diskusija team because we always are confident in receiving a professional translation service.”

Monika Didžiulytė

Technical Writer

Moog Medical, Viltechmeda UAB

What our clients have to say

“I am thankful to Diskusija and praise the company for its friendly collaboration. 
From the very first contact, it is a pleasure to communicate and easy to organise work together. The right approach to the client and flexibility are your strengths! Good luck!”

Agnė Kairavičė

Project Manager
Ego Perfectus UAB

What our clients have to say

“Diskusija translation agency does an excellent job and is a very reliable service provider. Always meeting the deadlines and delivering high-quality translations of complex technical texts. Thank you for your collaboration!”

Viktorija Jutkevičienė

Communication & Marketing Specialist
Inter Cars Lietuva

What our clients have to say

“The service has been excellent. What we value most is swift communication and professional service quality. If Vilneda requires translation services over the coming months – I will have no hesitation in recommending Diskusija to my colleagues.”

Rolandas Kliukas

Project Manager
Vilneda UAB

What our clients have to say

“Diskusija undeniably delivers the best translations we’ve ever had. We are thankful for your excellent service, which is both fast and attentive.”